Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I am sooo effing happy! Why? Because school has started!!! Wanna know the best part? All 3 of my boys are in school,this year! YAAASSSS!!!! Joshua is a 5th grader,Malakai is a 3rd grader and my baby,Roman,is now a Kindergartener. I am so proud of all of them. We have finished the first week of school and will be starting the second week,tomorrow. The boys have adjusted so well to the newness of everything. I was worried about Roman,but he has done great! Joshua has decided to do orchestra and will be starting soon. He wants to play the violin. I am excited for him to start. He will learn how to read music. Then he can switch to band,when he starts middle school,next year. As happy as I am,to have the house to myself,it has been so quiet. It is weird,not having any kids around,but I'm sure I can get use to it. Now,I will have time to do stuff,just for me. Well,I'm going to leave y'all with some pics of the boys,on their first day. They look so cute,in their uniforms!

                                                       Until next time......


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I finally did it!

Last week,I actually went through with it. I had my dental surgery. I was scared to death,but I did it! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It did hurt a little,I don't think they drugged me enough,but time did seem to go faster than it really did. What I thought was 15 minutes,was actually an hour. I bled like crazy,though. It was gross! I was at the pharmacy,bleeding lie a stuffed pig. It was horrible. But the pain wasn't bad,until a few days ago. But,the Dr. told me the pain would spike a few days after. I feel a lot better,today,though. Yesterday,I thought I had dry sockets,it hurt so bad. But,surprisingly,It feels a lot better today. I got in trouble yesterday,for posting my dissent about having major surgery and my husband not being able to get off work,to take care of me. So,I posted it on Facebook and got called by the "principals office". The FRG leader called me and gave me a talking down about my post. Now,I adore her. She is a very sweet girl. But,I don't like being censored. I say,what I say and I own it. I make no apologizes for it. I took it down,because it stupidly reflects on Papi Lindo,but I don't take what I said back. I meant every word of it. I hate the way the Army works and I want to voice my opinion. I don't like that I have to keep quiet,to please someone else. But,what can I do? I am an Army wife and I have to sacrifice my needs for my husbands advancing career. Boo! But,whatever. I wonder if I can still be myself and be censored at the same time? I guess I have no choice but to try. But,I still will continue to be my outspoken self,just more choosy about how I voice my words. One thing I will NOT do is be filtered on my blog. I understand Facebook and social media,but this is mine! I will not delete anything on this,I will not change anything on this. This is the only thing I have. So,take it or leave it,Lovelies. This is me. Raw,real,a hot mess...Deal.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dentists suck!

I am looking forward (NOT) to oral surgery,on the 26th. I have to get 15 teeth extracted and some bone filed down. Fun!!!!!! But thank God,I will be totally sedated during the whole thing. But,I have been in so much pain,I've been needing some "assistance". At least until the procedure is over with. It is the worst at night. It keeps me from sleeping and I have a 3 1/2 year old,to contend with,during the day. The other day,my dentist told me to go to his office AAAALLLLLL the way past downtown,past UTEP,35 minutes away from post. Just to find out,that they didn't have my script. So,we had to go AAAALLLLL the way back home and wait for the dentist to call me,about my script. He finally called me and told me to meet him at other office. So, we had to go to the other side of town and get examined again,before I FINALLY got my damn script. Now I have 5 days,until the surgery. Lets see how this goes.....
More later,the kids are home from school.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Why I write this blog

 I thought when I started writing this blog,that I was writing it,to get stuff off  my chest. But,I realized last night,that I am speaking for all the real Army wives out there. This job,isn't like the glamorous TV show. It's late days,lonely nights,single moms,deployments and so much more crap that goes with it. But,most of us wouldn't trade this life for the world. Our men our special and we knew what we signed up for. I know,I'm proud to be a Military wife. Many of us are.I realized,last night,that our story was not being told the way I would want it to be. So,I guess, I'm going to do it myself. I hope I do my fellow wives justice. Because we are so much more than wives and moms. We are women first. So I plan on my blog being a lil out there,but always 100% real. I hope ya'll enjoy it and keep coming back for more.

Friday, March 7, 2014

East Coast,I miss you the most

 It's been awhile,since I've blogged. I've been so busy! Of course,the kids and the hubby keep me on my toes,but I've been back and forth to the dentist. On the 26th,I have to get some oral surgery done and will be out of commission,for awhile. I'm so pissed about it! Not just the fact,that I hate the dentist,but all the money we have to pay to get it done,I wanted to use to go back home. I have been so homesick,lately. I mean,it's cool that i have the opportunity to see a different part of the country,but there's nothing like home. It's so brown here. Everything. Is. So. Brown! There is nothing green. I miss trees and flowers and frogs and water and snow. I miss everything about the east coast. The fact that i can't go back home makes me so mad!!!! I really miss my family,too. The think that sucks the most is my uncles (whom I'm very close to) are getting older. They are in their 70's. i want to spend as much time with them as possible,for obvious reasons. The next time I will be able to go see them,will probably be next year. It doesn't help,that i don't really care for this place. I haven't made many friends here,the drama is redic and there is really nothing to do. Also,If you've read my first post,the schools leave a lot to be desired.
 The positive news is that Joshua got the Kid of the Month award,last month. Yay,Ju-Ju Bear! I'm so proud of him,that kid is on the ball. As a Mom,I know i tend to be bias....But,my baby is pretty awesome. The only sucky part,is that we had to take pictures with the principal. Her face looks so botoxed,I call her "Plastic Fantastic". They also spelled his name wrong,on his folder. How do you spell Joshua wrong? They spelled it,"Joshusa". Mo-mos....But,I'm still thrilled with my baby. Malakai has also been doing better in school,too. We have been working so hard with him,on his self esteem. His Nannie had a long talk with him. I don't know what she told him,but it worked! I'm so happy,he feels better about himself. His attitude had me torn,for so long. Now,he comes home so happy,telling me about the good grades he's getting. Yay,Kai-Kai!I FINALLY also got Roman potty trained. After trying forever and his constant resistance,he's got it together.I thought it would never happen. Thank God!!!!! Yay,Romie! So,even though I'm homesick and miss everyone,everything seems to be looking up. That's all I have for now,but I plan on posting 2 more post,today. One,about my baby sisters first haircut and one about my new nail designs. but here are some pics of Ju-Ju's award assembly.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

No child should fall through the cracks

As most military wives, I am the anchor of my family. My family is the center of my world and I DON'T play,when it comes to my kids. We were in Maryland,before we moved here. Both my older boys were in school there and thriving. Then.when we moved here, my middle son just starting floundering. He was in Kinder (that is so stupid,that they call it that. Call it Kindergarten,damn!) and he was a bit, but it was nothing serious. I voiced my concerns, but they brushed me off,because kindergarten isn't required here. But now he is in first grade. He is doing worse now, than we was doing, when he started. He comes home not knowing the things he was suppose to learn, he can barely read, or write. It's like they are not teaching him anything. It's breaks a Moms heart, to have her child tell her, that he can't do it,because he is stupid. And trust me, he doesn't get that mindset from home. My son even told me the other day, that his teacher yells at him, everyday and makes him cry, in front of the class. First of all....I don't even yell at my kids much, so for damn sure, no one else is going to do it. Then what about the schools "Anti-bullying policy" ? Making my child cry everyday, in front of over 20 six year olds, is asking for bullying. After spending that night screaming, cussing and going off....I felt yesterday, I was calm enough to call the school and get to the bottom of this. After calling, for an hour straight and no one answering, someone FINALLY answered (Man, must have been soon busy, not teaching the kids). I got to talk to the principal and I voiced my concerns about my son. She apologized and promised to call me back, in a few minutes. Did I mention that I called yesterday. But, that's fine, because I will just keep calling and blogging, until something is done. I have to advocate for not only my babies, but the other babies, that are falling through the cracks. Mine can't be the only one. It's so sad, every Mom I've talked to about this school have had the same complaints and are not happy. But, nothing's being done, because no one is speaking up. Well, I am and I won't stop. What's going on in this school is a travesty and I won't STFU about it, until things change. Not just for my son but for every student. These babies deserve better. Oh,yeah.... The name of the school is Bliss Elementary School, which is in the El Paso Independent School District. The name of my son's teacher is 's. Yvonne Peña and the principal is Dr. Brooks. And this is a personal message to them. I'm putting you on blast, until things change. Let the games begin......