Friday, March 14, 2014

Why I write this blog

 I thought when I started writing this blog,that I was writing it,to get stuff off  my chest. But,I realized last night,that I am speaking for all the real Army wives out there. This job,isn't like the glamorous TV show. It's late days,lonely nights,single moms,deployments and so much more crap that goes with it. But,most of us wouldn't trade this life for the world. Our men our special and we knew what we signed up for. I know,I'm proud to be a Military wife. Many of us are.I realized,last night,that our story was not being told the way I would want it to be. So,I guess, I'm going to do it myself. I hope I do my fellow wives justice. Because we are so much more than wives and moms. We are women first. So I plan on my blog being a lil out there,but always 100% real. I hope ya'll enjoy it and keep coming back for more.

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