Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I finally did it!

Last week,I actually went through with it. I had my dental surgery. I was scared to death,but I did it! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It did hurt a little,I don't think they drugged me enough,but time did seem to go faster than it really did. What I thought was 15 minutes,was actually an hour. I bled like crazy,though. It was gross! I was at the pharmacy,bleeding lie a stuffed pig. It was horrible. But the pain wasn't bad,until a few days ago. But,the Dr. told me the pain would spike a few days after. I feel a lot better,today,though. Yesterday,I thought I had dry sockets,it hurt so bad. But,surprisingly,It feels a lot better today. I got in trouble yesterday,for posting my dissent about having major surgery and my husband not being able to get off work,to take care of me. So,I posted it on Facebook and got called by the "principals office". The FRG leader called me and gave me a talking down about my post. Now,I adore her. She is a very sweet girl. But,I don't like being censored. I say,what I say and I own it. I make no apologizes for it. I took it down,because it stupidly reflects on Papi Lindo,but I don't take what I said back. I meant every word of it. I hate the way the Army works and I want to voice my opinion. I don't like that I have to keep quiet,to please someone else. But,what can I do? I am an Army wife and I have to sacrifice my needs for my husbands advancing career. Boo! But,whatever. I wonder if I can still be myself and be censored at the same time? I guess I have no choice but to try. But,I still will continue to be my outspoken self,just more choosy about how I voice my words. One thing I will NOT do is be filtered on my blog. I understand Facebook and social media,but this is mine! I will not delete anything on this,I will not change anything on this. This is the only thing I have. So,take it or leave it,Lovelies. This is me. Raw,real,a hot mess...Deal.

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