Thursday, January 23, 2014

No child should fall through the cracks

As most military wives, I am the anchor of my family. My family is the center of my world and I DON'T play,when it comes to my kids. We were in Maryland,before we moved here. Both my older boys were in school there and thriving. Then.when we moved here, my middle son just starting floundering. He was in Kinder (that is so stupid,that they call it that. Call it Kindergarten,damn!) and he was a bit, but it was nothing serious. I voiced my concerns, but they brushed me off,because kindergarten isn't required here. But now he is in first grade. He is doing worse now, than we was doing, when he started. He comes home not knowing the things he was suppose to learn, he can barely read, or write. It's like they are not teaching him anything. It's breaks a Moms heart, to have her child tell her, that he can't do it,because he is stupid. And trust me, he doesn't get that mindset from home. My son even told me the other day, that his teacher yells at him, everyday and makes him cry, in front of the class. First of all....I don't even yell at my kids much, so for damn sure, no one else is going to do it. Then what about the schools "Anti-bullying policy" ? Making my child cry everyday, in front of over 20 six year olds, is asking for bullying. After spending that night screaming, cussing and going off....I felt yesterday, I was calm enough to call the school and get to the bottom of this. After calling, for an hour straight and no one answering, someone FINALLY answered (Man, must have been soon busy, not teaching the kids). I got to talk to the principal and I voiced my concerns about my son. She apologized and promised to call me back, in a few minutes. Did I mention that I called yesterday. But, that's fine, because I will just keep calling and blogging, until something is done. I have to advocate for not only my babies, but the other babies, that are falling through the cracks. Mine can't be the only one. It's so sad, every Mom I've talked to about this school have had the same complaints and are not happy. But, nothing's being done, because no one is speaking up. Well, I am and I won't stop. What's going on in this school is a travesty and I won't STFU about it, until things change. Not just for my son but for every student. These babies deserve better. Oh,yeah.... The name of the school is Bliss Elementary School, which is in the El Paso Independent School District. The name of my son's teacher is 's. Yvonne Peña and the principal is Dr. Brooks. And this is a personal message to them. I'm putting you on blast, until things change. Let the games begin......

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